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Don't have a lot of time on your hands?

You won't need it! The PCM Foam Roller Training Program is designed to condense the most essential stretches, exercises, and recovery methods into 15 minute lessons. All of which you can do right at home. All of which you can try right now! 

What if I told you:

-Your body will respond to PCM the very first moment you try it

-You may not intellectually know a great program for your body but your body knows

-That 15 minutes/day was all that you need to achieve most of your fitness goals

-That you won't need discipline, your body won't let you get away with not doing PCM

-That you can focus on your other aspects of your life because PCM got your physical fitness needs

-That the body is not a burden, but is your most precious asset through which you experience life


PCM at the start of your day makes you feel physically ready for anything. If your mind drags in the mornings, it's now going to have some strong opposing suggestions from your body. It doesn't matter who (your body or your mind) initiates it, the point is that they both go in the same positive direction. Expect great energy, a feeling of strength in the body, and if not right away, an eventual desire to eat healthy as you don't want to see your morning energy go down.


Didn't do PCM in the morning? no problem. It's not required. This comes down to preference and they are both interchangeable. The benefits are the same. If you are usually tired at the end of your day, this is the perfect time to rejuvenate and reset for the next day. We found that aside from an overactive mind, physical tensions in the body can keep you up and keep you from sleeping. PCM is great with this and is used by many to get a good night's rest.  

Did we mention that you are physically getting stronger and in shape while all of this is happening? PCM wanted to make all of this benefit seamless. From the short sessions to the preferred time of day to the carefully selected exercises to the extraordinary benefits, PCM has a perfect formula for your physical life experience.

Oh, and did I mention that if you currently have ailments in your body in the form of musculature or skeletal aches and pains, that PCM helps to improve these conditions? Try PCM to see if it is right for you.


Time to back up all these claims. You don't need to sign up, you don't need to drop an email address, you don't need to click through links, etc. If you are a healthy adult, try one or more of the programs below. If you are of a higher risk population, share and consult with your doctor (as with any fitness program) before trying.

I suggest that you start with the video(s) that has no devices if you currently do not have any of these devices. If you do currently have one or more of these devices, than start with those videos. Repeat the same program or try a different program for 2 weeks. You can take the weekend off or train those days too if you like. But if by the weekend, you feel fatigued in your workout, your body is indicating that it needs more recovery time and to take that recovery time *(the weekend) would be more productive and beneficial than trying to push through fatigue.

If you do not currently have any of the equipment, watch the videos and mimic/follow the exercises as best you can lying flat or using rolled up towels or mats. These items can allow you to get a hint of what the program can do for you but you will soon need the actual equipment for the best experience, benefits, and results. If it does not seem feasible for you to mimic the exercises, than simply watch the entire video. Be patient with the video and don't speed it up looking for exercise moves. Look at the times spent in the various positions. Intellectually, take it all in and your body will let you know if it likes and want to try it. At which point you can order said equipment from amazon (or elsewhere). If you feel PCM is not for you, simply stop the program (the free videos below) and return the equipment. Nothing but time spent to see if PCM is the best balanced fitness program you ever undertook.

169 2 (11).PNG

PCM Foam Roller Training is a program that provides full body workouts using singular or combinations of foam devices to support and lever the body. 


"Within" the PCM world, there are not many rules at all with the exception of the golden rule, checkpoints. If you cannot understand and incorporate PCM's "Checkpoints" throughout your exercises, stretching, and recovery positions, the PCM program will not work for you! Please see PCM Checkpoints

Choose a device to see its potential:

(My videos are dimly lit because I prefer not to exercise in bright production lighting.)

If you took me up on my offer above, and you can clearly now see the PCM difference, it's time to download the PCM app from the app store. In the PCM app, you will find endless exercises and programs with ever refreshing ones added regularly, using your favorite equipment formations or manual exercises (no equipment required) and more. You have not seen a tip of the iceberg in what PCM can do for and teach you. I'm already excited for your new found physical experience and will be along side of you as you grow and become stronger. Expect the same of the PCM model.


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