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PCM Senior Program

Weight Lifting

Better Balance for Better Function

Following the Posture Core and More model, PCM has has a senior's group class that helps to restore strength, function, balance, stability and more through trained muscle balance. 

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PCM offers 15 minute and 30 minute classes in a group setting. Participants have the option of sitting or standing for the exercises. They are guided through movement and muscle activation where they are given a focus that helps with their form and body position. There is no strenuous strength training or high levels of exertion required. The movements are for proper muscle activation for commonly weak muscles and stretching and muscle recovery for dominating, overactive muscles. It is this dynamic in the musculature system that takes the body out of balance and begins a series of compensation in the body that never gets unraveled. PCM addresses these systems on the simplest of levels and advance participants accordingly. 


Class participants will work on:

- Good Sitting Posture

- Good Standing Posture

- Focused Muscle Group Activation

- Stretching Tight Muscle Groups

- Range of Motion Movements


- Relaxation Breathing

- Balance

- Muscle Coordination

- Joint Stability

- Reaction Simulations and more...



- Hosted at client locations

- Requires a small open space

- 15 participant maximum/class

- 15 or 30 minute classes

- Requires very little equipment


Facility Benefits

  • PCM Senior Group Program can be used as an added perk to potential new move-in residents

  • Shows that the facility cares for resident quality of living

  • Less pain and less discomfort for facility staff to address

  • Residents can become less reliant and more independent for everyday common tasks

  • Our program can help improve residents' mood for better overall facility atmosphere.

15 Minute Class: Group $20/person
30 Minute Class: Group $30/person
(contact for facility rate/special pricing)


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William Hall is a fitness trainer with 25 years of experience in working with clients from all ages and backgrounds. William is NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified and holds 24 years of continuing education certificates in various categories including senior fitness.

“Along with the education I have received over the years, my biggest strength is working with people first hand. It is through this experience that I was able to apply my education and receive feedback in real time. I have critiqued my training over the years to fine-tune my training to meet clients specific needs. This ability has allowed me to compose a program and system that safely delivers equilibrium conditioning that improves client function without strenuous exercise. It is also important for people to enjoy what they are doing. I have found that when you actually help people with their physical problems and limitations, it makes them happy".

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