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Equipment NEEds

Please pay attention to the specific details of the equipment below such as measurements and construction. Tubes, bands, and other equipment used can be a hazard if not constructed and used properly. 

Disclaimer: The brands or construction recommendations below are what I recommend for and with safety and reliability being foremost. With that said, I am a Amazon affiliate and earn a commission on products when you purchase through my website. The does not effect the price of the item but simply gives me credit for the sell. Please support PCM by purchasing your equipment using the links below. You are welcome to purchase the equipment where you like but please stay mindful of safety requirements.

This is a little bit of investment in equipment. However, these are tools that can take you well into the future. To tell you that your body weight and a series of body weight exercises is all you need, would not be serving you best. However, any equipment that I would recommend you to invest in would be low cost, multifunctional, durable, and will be around for you to be able to use going into the future. Esp with your new program. Your body serves you in everything you do. Your body deserves this small investment and so much beyond. You are the best investment you can make. The best way to be able to invest in others.

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